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Commercial law and corporate matters

Company law is one of our most important legal specializations. Our extensive experience in working with the most active institutional investment companies on the Polish capital market allows us to best serve you. We incorporate companies for foreign and domestic investors and then formally support their management boards and shareholders. We have helped form:

Commercial contracts

We secure your business by creating, negotiating, amending, interpreting and providing opinions on the commercial contracts. The clients we have helped in this area are the leaders in their industries.


I was the first compliance officer in BZ WBK Asset Management S.A. and BZ WBK TFI S.A., the second largest investment fund company in Poland, where I was responsible for organizing and implementation of a number of new internal procedures in compliance with the law and policies existing within international owners. This experience has proven essential in my work.

Real estate

We advise you on all matters related to real estate and investment processes. We guide you in buying, leasing, building and dividing.


Providing advice on disputes is the area which we have a great amount of experience in numerous law offices for the longest time. We represent our clients before courts with confidence, strength and determination.

Labour law

Knowledge of labour law is essential for every entrepreneur. Our legal office advises employers and employees on the key matters of employment relations.

Trademark law

Your trademarks are of great importance and we ensure they are protected in Poland.

Building regulations

We care about your construction process . We support investors and construction companies and we also advise on administration procedures.

Public procurement

Tender advisory services are an important part of our work and an area in which we excel. We represent all sides involved in the tender process.

Capital markets

Aleksander Blumski, the namesake of the legal office, from 2007 to 2010 supported Arka investment funds and BZ WBK Asset Management S.A. in a wide range of legal matters.