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Elimination of legal defects of property

Very few real estates situated at beautiful streets surrounding Poznań Old Market Square – in the block of Wodna, Klasztorna, Woźna and Ślusarska Streets – have their real estate registers up-to-date, complete and valid. Among others: some registers are run for various parts of different buildings, plots that are parts of the backyard are assigned to the wrong building registers and the shares in ownership of the buildings are specified incorrectly. At the same time a warning of incompatibility with the actual legal status was indicated in the register run for the apartment of our Clients, although in fact there was no incompliance. Moreover it was revealed in the register that the owners of the apartment have shares in the ownership of the building linked to the register that was closed a long time ago. As a result of the activities of our law firm warning of incompatibility and link to the non-existent register were removed, which allows our Clients to offer the apartment for sale with no legal defects.