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Summary: First half of 2012

In the first half of 2012, the number of business customers significantly increased. We:

1) commenced to provide a comprehensive, permanent legal services to companies Emtel System sp. z o.o., Arcid sp. z o.o. and Totus Outdoor sp. z o.o. (owner of www.m-canoe.pl).

www.emtel-system.pl www.arcid.pl www.m-canoe.pl

2) commenced to provide legal services to companies Pomet S.A., Tripdrop sp. z o.o., Baumgart Pharmaceuticals sp. z o.o., LarMed sp. z o.o. and morover to the Accounting Office “Support” s. c.

www.pomet.com.pl www.tripdrop.pl  www.baumgartpharm.com.pl www.biurosupport.pl

3) continued to provide a comprehensive, permanent legal services to Real Estate Office in Poznan of PTC S.A. (T-Mobile provider), Bruker Polska sp. z o.o., Sefar sp. z o.o., Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A. (branch in Poznań), Woda Góry Las sp. z o.o. and moreover to  www.dopoznania.pl.

www.t-mobile.pl www.bruker.pl www.sefar.com www.bps.pl www.wgl.pl www.dopoznania.pl

4) continued to provide legal services to companies For Sports & Marketing, Orion Construction, Wykrojniki.com.pl, and in addition to Drukarnia Atol Piotr Kaczmarek.

www.4sm.com.pl www.orionconstruction.eu www.wykrojniki.com.pl www.drukarnia-atol.pl