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December 2011, summary of the year

Last year was unexpectedly positive for the law firm and our Clients. Our law firm is their important partner responsible for development of substantial part of our Clients’ business.  The number of permanent and individual Clients grows. Our spectrum of activities broadens, too. Revenue of our law firm in 2011 increased by approximately 75% in comparison to 2010 and the number of provided services increased by approximately 250% in comparison to 2010. The number of court cases led by us grew several times, too. The second half of the year characterized by hard daily work and engagement in many matters that required detailed analysis of legislation and court verdicts. It would be remembered for involvement in television production and lobbying. Year 2011 was the year of organizational and managerial challenges. The task for the year 2012 is to continue working on providing the highest quality of legal services.