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October 2011

According to the rapid development and increasing number of the conducted cases, the team building process is still in progress. A part of this process was completed this month. The office team consists of:

Mrs. Aneta Szafałowicz – a third-year trainee solicitor, a specialist in civil trial law and real estate;

Mr. Arkadiusz Bocian – lawyer, specialist in public tenders law;

Mrs. Hanna Grześkowiak – Nikołajew – legal advisor, specialist in banking law, mortgages, land registers;

Mrs. Alina Stołowska – tax advisor;

Ms. Anna Schwarc – law student, legal and secretarial support;

28.09.2011. September 2011.

Attorney Blumski was invited as an expert to the program “Masz prawo” (“You have a right”) on WTK television, where he appears about twice a month.