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At Aleksander Blumski legal office we specialize in serving companies. We have a wide-ranging practical knowledge of the realities of business and are able to smoothly organize internal processes in compliance with the law.

We have a unique experience in reconciling requirements stemming from the law with regulations of international investors and with existing internal procedures in companies.

Managers of companies employing ten or more people face the need to regulate processes in procedures. The necessity may derive from:

  • the law;
  • the requirements of the international capital group;
  • the need to streamline internal processes;

Mr Blumski’s compliance experience makes me perfect person to advise you on the organization of internal procedures. Without excessive formalization, in both Polish and English, I will facilitate your business in a manner consistent with:

  • the Polish law;
  • the provisions of EU law;
  • intentions of the company’s management;
  • intentions of the capital group;
  • and as well:

  • without excessive formalization;
  • in Polish and English;
  • in a way that will not negatively affect your business;

I was the first compliance officer in the history of BZ WBK TFI S.A. and BZ WBK Asset Management S.A. and I was responsible for implementing tens of new procedures and policies in both companies in accordance with:

  • the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive Directive (MiFID), which entered into force, but was not fully implemented into Polish law,
  • Polish law,
  • difficult requirements of the capital market regulator (Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego – Financial Supervision Authority),
  • requirements of the Irish co-owner (Allied Irish Bank)
  • requirements of the Polish co-owner (Bank Zachodni WBK SA)
  • around 50 procedures and policies binding in the companies,
  • procedures binding in Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.,
  • the needs of the Management Board, which in the conditions of a dynamically developing business did not want to overregulate the companies,

This work was performed:

  • in a pioneering way,
  • under strict supervision,
  • directly on behalf of the Presidents of the Boards,
  • immediately after the Polish Financial Supervision Authority had issued a warning to companies for the unlawful advertising of Arka Investment Funds;

I accomplished all tasks so well that I was offered the position of Legal Team Manager.

For many years this experience has allowed to support countless Polish entrepreneurs. In 2017, we change the procedures for one of our clients to unify the requirements of the Polish law and the requirements of various German and US companies of the capital group to which our client belongs. We work on:

  • Terms & Conditions of Sale, modeled for the whole world;
  • the procedure for the protection of personal data, facing the possibility of processing data collected in Poland by other companies from the capital group, including companies from countries recognized as third countries by the Personal Data Protection Act;
  • work regulations and remuneration regulations;
  • articles of association;
  • the management board regulation, also in order to enable the efficient functioning of a company whose members are permanently residing abroad;
  • social benefits fund;
  • proxy procedure, also in order to allow:
    • persons employed by other companies within the capital group to function as a supervisor (employer) in the meaning of the Labor Code for employees
    • employed by the Polish company;
    • persons from other companies of the capital group who do not hold any position in the Polish company to approve certain business decisions of the
    • Polish company;

Meet us to take advantage of our experience.