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More cases of Swiss Frank loans in courts

For a long time, we have been more and more intensively dealing with what we already started in February 2015 – i.e. cases regarding Swiss franc loans. Already 5 years ago, we concluded a settlement, which reduced the debt of our clients by 20,000 CHF.

Lawsuits for recognition of clauses of loan agreements indexed to Swiss francs and denominated in Swiss francs as illegal, for payment and annulment of contracts, procedure for preparing lawsuits, pre-trial analysis, exchange of letters, reading volumes of bank replies to our lawsuits, hearings – we work intensively regretting that we do not have to time to put our experiences on paper. There would be a lot of interesting material on the office’s website!

We have already sued mBank, Millenium Bank, Bank Pekao, ING Bank Śląskie, Santander Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and BPH, and other banks are waiting in line.

We are struggling for very serious amounts, refunds of installments paid by clients from the last 10 years, worth from PLN 70 to even 500 thousand PLN ! However, there is even more at stake – the possibility of completely avoiding the payment of further installments spread over the next long years. Meanwhile, court fees are very moderate.

The jurisprudence of the courts following last year’s judgment of the CJEU in the Dziubak case is now favorable. The theory of two conditionalities has been cementing in the direction of annulment of contracts with the dismissal of banks’ claims for remuneration for using capital.

It is only a formality, but let us remind you that attorney Blumski is the former Head of the Legal Team of two companies of the Bank Zachodni WBK group (currently Santander Bank Polska).

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