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Aleksander Blumski

attorney-at-law / owner

The attorney-at-law with experience in serving of the largest, medium and small-sized companies, practical experience in the field of real estate, company law, drawing up of contracts and rules, company’s legal risk, protection of personal date and registration of trademarks, working with investment companies.

Mr. Blumski (born in 1977) graduated from law faculty in Poznań in 2001, has practised law since 1998, has been running own legal company since 2003.


Jerzy Muszyński

trainee attorney-at-law

Jerzy is finishing his attoney’s-at-law apprenticeship and will soon become a legal adviser. Civilian, procedural, in-house and clerical experience (and various others that he might tell you about), and additionally excellent knowledge of English. At the same time, Jerzy is, like the whole team, simply a positive person.


Oliwia Milas


Oliwia runs CHF loan cases, in which she already has a lot of experience, prepares pleadings and is responsible for register matters and trademarks. Oliwia is always smiling and determined to become a trainee attoney-at-law.


Weronika Tatarynowicz


Weronika runs our secretariat, is also responsible for weekly newsletters for you and our social media. Weronika is still laughing and her amazing energy is infectious.



junior apprentice

Lego Blumski is the youngest, but extremely important member of our team. He can penetrate to the heart of the matter. His inquisitiveness allows us to throw a new look at the documents we are working on. He can firmly introduce his wishes.

Temporarily without email address.

The law firm cooperates on a permanent basis with selected in the course of many years of experience:

  • notaries whose activities are accurate and are being verified
  • an respectful statutory auditor;
  • a specialist in public procurement law, who has been dealing exclusively with this area of ​​law for 17 years;
  • a specialist in the field of Swiss franc loans, an experienced trial lawyer in this field;
  • a real estate law specialist;

However, in order to maintain quality in all activities, all of the above-mentioned people, , are supervised by the law firm’s team, which is also responsible for the proper relationship with clients.

A team of several people is an asset. The model of our law office combines the advantages of a small and a large office.