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Real estate law

We support you in any matter related to real estate, especially in the field of:

  • tenancy;
  •  legal division of a plot of land or the building;
  • real estate purchase process, including  purchase from the construction company;
  • division of legacy that has real estate;
  • providing electricity and water to a property;
  • updating the contents of a land register;
  • appointing the successor of real estate in case of death;

Since 2004 I have supported the real estate affairs of PTC (now T-Mobile Poland SA). I also work closely with the leading internet  real estate portal www.dopoznania.pl. We solve problems related to real estate every day. Real estate law 
is a leading field of our activities.

We encourage you to make an appointment with us.

We will support you by:

  • providing sound legal advice;
  • drawing up a contract, opinion or statement;
  • representing you in judicial or administrative proceedings;
  • providing comprehensive services regarding your real estate;

Please visit here for a price list of our services.